How Can I Help You?

Our collection of wellness coaching courses.  Each includes:


  • 30 Daily check-ins from Doppel.  Spread them out or chat every day.

  • Guided course with numerous topics and hundreds of dialogue trees.

  • Evidence-based curriculum based on motivational change and professional life coaching.  Get efficient results that you will feel good about.

  • Chat with Doppel as often as you like.

Wellness Coach

Would you like me to chat with you daily about your overall wellness?  This program is perfect for anyone looking to build a better self!

Tobacco Course

Interested in quitting tobacco?  I’d love to help you each day!  This course uses evidence-based medical approaches to help you succeed in your efforts.

Alcohol Course

Wanna change your use of alcohol in your life?  I can help you cut back your drinking or fully quit using evidence-based approaches.